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    We are a patent and law firm specialized in intellectual and industrial property, located in Munich, Germany. Our firm was established in 2014 by the partners Bernhard Ruttensperger, Dr. Jürgen Lachnit, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Trossin and Alexander Gomoll. The founding partners met in a large international IP law firm. The idea developed over the years: a comprehensive consultancy approach for the benefit of the client is best realized in a smaller owner-managed entity.

    Our attorneys have extensive professional experience in all areas of intellectual and industrial property law. Therefore, we are in the position to put together optimal, individual teams in order to provide a comprehensive target-oriented consultation to our international clients in all relevant issues. In order to reach these objectives, also on an international basis, we have developed over the years excellent contacts to renowned law firms in far more than 100 countries. Thus, we are in a position to realize the targets defined together with our client, and, in the end to reach the economic interest of our client, also on an international basis. This applies to the application and maintenance, as well as the court and out of court enforcement of technical and non-technical protective rights, and thus, for patents, utility models, trademarks, designs and related legal areas such as unfair competition law and copyright law, including all questions of licensing of protective rights. All our actions always focus on the economic interests of our clients.

    On a national level, we represent our clients‘ interests before of the German Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Patent Court and further relevant courts including all courts of appeal. Before the Federal Court of Justice (German: BGH) we closely cooperate with the representatives admitted there. On an international level, we have admissions for all proceedings at the European Patent Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market where we represent our clients in all issues regarding intellectual and industrial property.

    Patent attorneys and attorneys at law – technical knowhow combined with legal expertise

    The field of patent law often involves judgement of complex technical or scientific issues. Consequently, specialized experts are required who are able to both understand and evaluate technical contexts of inventions and possess legal knowledge. Therefore, requirements for a patent attorney include a degree in science or technology followed by legal studies focused on intellectual and industrial property combined with major practical proportions in the field of patent law.
    At RLTG patent attorneys and lawyers work closely together in order to combine technical and legal expertise for our clients in a target-oriented way. On one part, there is the protection of innovations in technical or scientific areas; on the other hand the protection of intellectual property is just as important. Our services include comprehensive and differentiated advice regarding both areas.